Young lady saved 40,700 in her kolo in less than a month. Not every one is lucky, read strange stories


No doubt, saving money takes a lot of guts and only disciplined individuals can carry out the task successfully. In recent times, social media has been abuzz with stories of people who managed to keep large amounts of money after saving for a few months.

Recently, TN came upon a report of a Nigerian lady identified on Twitter as Amina Abdullahi (@Mvnaaa__) who managed to save some amount of money in her piggy bank.

The pretty lady revealed that she had managed to keep N40,700 in her kolo despite saving for less than a month.

She tweeted:

“Broke my Kolo today. Was able to save 40,700 from November 7th to December 22nd. I tried right?
This is quite impressive. Who knows what she would have been able to keep if she had saved for a longer time.

Meanwhile, not everybody is always lucky to have a good saving experience. It has previously reported that a couple who had been saving in their piggy bank since January and when they decided to open it, they found it nearly empty.

Since the month of January, Iheaka Michael and his wife had been saving up money for an important cause in a piggy bank. Recently, they broke the little chest with the hope that their nest egg would have yielded quite a lot.

Upon looking into the box though, they found nothing except for some trifle naira notes that did not amount to anything! What this means is that their labour of saving for the rainy day had been wasted in a mysterious, uncanny way.
Also, Adejoh and his wife broke their kolo and found it empty after saving for 3months. Adejoh recalled that he once saw similar post on a Facebook group how a woman complained that her piggy bank with months of savings yielded N1300. But he said he commented that the woman should go and ask her house hold people that they stole the money. Now Adejoh stays with his wife and son only, who could have taken the money as the box remained untouched, intact?See pictures

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