Paul Arisa Is Real And He Needs Your Financial Help Fast!


I put up a story about Paul Arisa 3 days ago on facebook, on the 20th of February to be precise and messages I have received via the phone, inbox, mails and even one on one discussion prompted the urge to go find out the position of things. A lot of people called it a big SCAM because they thought the young man was trying to swindle people, many shared it on their walls calling Paul a fake and all the talk about having cancer a HOAX.

Let me shock you by saying that I had to trace Paul to Aba where he is lying critically ill and this journey was on behalf of the MAUREEN ABULU CANCER FOUNDATION – (MACF) who today donated a widow’s mite of N50,000 to Paul Chukwu Arisa who is battling with a rare form of cancer – Hodgkin Lymphoma.

I met Paul and his Aunty (Mrs Onwuka – 08062708379) who incidentally now plays the role of his mother and care-giver because Paul is an orphan. It was such an emotional meeting with the family and I can’t explain how it felt when Mrs Onwuka asked me “are you the person Paul has been waiting for?” that melted my heart and only explained how Paul longs to be around people who care about him.

Paul is outspoken, somehow reserved but knows exactly what is going on around him and I must say to you he wants to LIVE…even after sharing with me the moment he thought about giving up.

If you are hearing about him for the 1st time, Paul Arisa is a 27 year old graduate of Estate management from Abia State University Uturu who has been battling cancer for 3 years. He said to me, “it was just like a pimple on the right side of my jaw…that was the first semester of my final year”


His was diagnosed of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. Thereafter, the tumour achieved remarkable reduction. However, about a year after chemotherapy, the tumour started progressively increasing in size until it became a very huge neck mass and subsequently started affecting the left cervical lymph node, axillary and groin lymph node.

When no remarkable results were achieved, the doctors advised that radiotherapy could prove more effective.

Unfortunately due to the high cost of the radiotherapy treatment (currently priced at almost 2million Naira), Paul is still currently waiting to gather enough funds to begin the treatment and if possible see a specialist abroad. He also has up to 5months unpaid Chemotherapy treatments, which also needs to be settled before any further progression with his treatments.

Paul confirms that Nigerians are responding with donations here and there but he still needs up to £8000 to begin his treatment….as he put “time is of the essence because this tumor is sometimes stifling and I am almost choking”

This brother needs help and all the publicity he can get so please feel free to share this with your contacts and let’s all put him in our prayers.

While I was with Paul his phone was ringing and he was receiving these calls in unbroken sequence and at some point he was damn tired of talking so kindly call his Guardian, Mrs Onwuka whose phone number is at the top of this write up.

His Bank details are:

First Bank (Savings Account)
Chukwu Arisa Paul

Credit:Ify Onyegbule

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