Natural Man Power Guide. Your Woman Will Never Leave You After Watching This


​​​Another discovery to keep I and I healthy and strong. Get your a kilo of ginger, 4 green Citroen, remove the outside coat of your ginger and use your greating machine or blender to chop it all into smaller pieces to a cooking pot, then cut your Citroen and add to the same pot. Add 4 bottles of water and boil for one hour. After boiling, bring the pot down from the fire and let it cool for about 45 minutes. Find clean bottles or use the same empty water bottles you used in boiling. Get your filter, and filter the cooked water. Refill the empty bottle when it is cold. And place them in your refrigerator to get cold… When it is cold, just use it as your drinking water and tell me in 2-3 hours how you feel in your system… It’s a true health care and makes you healthy. It cleans all system flames, it is so natural. Is you still want to do more by making your own alcohol, just find a plain alcohol like RUM or OGOGORO, and boil along side with the new discovery water. Called WATER OF ZION. And feel the real taste of a natural health care. If you wanna do more, you can also use that wasted gingers that was squeezed out during the filtering of the Water Zion to make a fish pizza. This pizza will be natural that no spicy. The best education to give to I and I is HEALTH CARE. Jah love is everlasting.

Video and below:

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