Invitation To The 87Th Telecom Consumer Parliament


Cybercrime is a crime involving a computer or smartphone and a network. It is an offence committed against individuals with a primary motive of causing financial loss, harming the reputation of the victim or causing physical, mental or psychological harm. It potentially threatens the security and financial health of individuals, corporate organisations or even a nation.
Cybercrime often manifest as hacking, mass surveillance, financial theft, sexual extortion, pornography, copyright infringement, espionage or identity theft.
Developments in ICT is an impetus to the availability of network based services that include emails, web presentations, internet-based communication, telephony, and ICT applications like e-government, e-commerce, and so on.
The forgoing have thrown up the attendant threats and actual incidences of cybercrime. There are both national and international dimensions of cybercrime. The role of the telecommunication regulator is generally recognised in the fight against cybercrime. In recent times, the responsibility of the service provider has assumed front burner status, considering that cybercrime can hardly take place without the services of a service provider. The role of the telecom service provider is central to investigation and prosecution of offenders.
The NCC in its usual unalloyed commitment to the promotion and development of a vibrant, viable and safe telecom and cyber space, has initiated this discourse, aimed at espousing the role of telecom service providers in this all encompassing war against cybercrime. The views of telecom consumers were sought across six states of Nigeria. From Dutse in Jigawa state and Bauchi in Bauchi state, our crew were also in Yenagoa in Bayelsa state and Awka in Anambra state. Epe in Lagos state and Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun state were other destinations, where the people shared their experiences with regards to the Hydra headed monster called cybercrime.

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