Help! Kogi Governor after my life and supporters for refusing to step down for his anointed candidate for kogi central senatorial district – Akpoti


The forthcoming senatorial elections in KOGI State seem to take a new turn with a post by one of the leading candidates in person of Bar. Natasha Akpoti, which she shared on her Facebook wall about how thugs acting on the order of Gov. Bello are attacking her supporters all over the central senatorial district. She made a passionate plea for security forces I. E the police to do their job and avoid been used by politicians to create problem In the land. So far, over 20 supporters of Akpoti have either been arrested, stabbed and maimed for supporting Bar. Akpoti. Read her post below
Police Arrest Kuroko youths overnight
Dear GYB (note 2),
Under your instructions, the Area Commander of Okehi LGA (who also covers Adavi LGA) police stations ordered the raid of houses and arrest of innocent youths of Kuroko 1 and 2 over night.
Arrested Youths:1. Muhammed Ibrahim
2. Tunde Ojo
Their offense: supporting Natasha Akpoti
I recall your words when you called on me to step down for your anointed candidate Yakubu Oseni “Natasha I have everything at my disposal to frustrate and defeat you if you challenge my decision to make Oseni a Senator. I am so powerful I can shut down the entire state for 1 week and nothing will happen. I will fight you and everyone who wants to disgrace me before president Buhari with my last blood”
I can see you are making true your threats but I call on you to remember the pains of 2007 where for 10 months, hundreds of lives and properties were lost in a battle between the indigenes and police. May we never experience such calamity ever again.
Today, you might have most of the police and thugs, but I have the good people; and one with the people, has God; one with God is majority” .
Now, for the first time openly, I call on you to sheath your sword and let the spirit of democracy reign. Let peace reign. Let unity reign. Let love reign. Take every Ebira born as your blood. Let their tears fall from your eyes, let their blood flow in your veins. You are the governor of EVERY indigene and resident of Kogi State not just APC members. It’s your duty to serve in the protection of lives and properties of these innocent young boys you got arrested overnight Please sheath your sword.
Think wisely your Excellency, call yourOkehi Sole Administrator Abdulraheem Ohiare 09074199222andAdavi Sole administrator 08033158940to stop sending their thugs after my supporters and stop inciting the police against the people.
Dear people of Kogi and Nigeria
Pls call on the police and plead that they stop taking sides with Kogi APC but find courage to stand independently in exercising the constitutional functions of their office.
Area Commander Mr. Adegoke 08033282161andDPO Adavi Local Government 08037212624
Pls call the above lines and ask they release the innocent SDP executives and innocent boys arrested overnight.
I plead with the peace loving communities of Kuroko 1 & 2 to remain calm. You are in my prayers.
My glorious Ebiraland, I stand firmly beside you in this hour of persecution. Pray and believe a better future is possible.
We shall be victorious in God’s name.
Open Letter to President Buhari … loading
Natasha H AkpotiSenatorial CandidateKogi Central DistrictSDP

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