Call masking and Refilling relate to substituting an international call for a local one by redirecting an international voice call to a local GSM network. Often times, the receiving subscriber sees a local number or “Private Number” instead of the originating International number. GSM consumers as well as operators usually suffer considerable loss from the activities of the re-filing syndicate. They are fraud-related practices and anti competitive activities in the industry. REFILING is a form of inter connectivity fraud whereby one carrier tamper with the caller ID to disguise the number from which a call has originated.


1. Direction: Letter written by the Commission to all licensees to cease and desist from all call masking activities July 19, 2017.

2. Stakeholders Engagement: The Commission held a stakeholders meeting with relevant licensees in August 2017 where a clear direction was re-iterated for all licensees to desist from the nefarious practice of call refiling and masking.

3. Investigative Committee:The Commission setup a Committee to investigate the issues, identify culprits and recommend appropriate sanctions.

4. Investigation: The Commission carried out network audit and data collection on licensees networks as part of the investigation process in September 2017.
The 85th Telecom Consumer Parliament is a direct attempt to sensitize consumers and operators on the anomalies of Call Masking and Refilling with a view to stemming this fraudulent practice, and instilling sustained development in the telecom industry in Nigeria

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