Yes i have said it, i am here with a bang, am here to change the game. To educate and get educated and to have fun along the way. We are all adults and sex is a major issue in adult life. If the sex ain’t good people tend to cheat on their partners. Cheating is unhealthy and tiresome. How about you stick to one person and explore each other?

On that note:

If he has never fucked you from the back, you are missing out. If he has never given you doggy style, you are still on limbo. Don’t be stuck with the old fashioned missionary style while others are moaning and screaming away with the ecstasy and craziness of being fucked from the back.
Sex from behind drives the pussy crazy. It causes the pussy to foam. Has your pussy ever foamed while being screwed? I don’t mean the normal and usual wetness; I mean the abnormal and unusual foam the pussy produces when under pressure of pleasure. If you have never foamed from the pussy; if you have never produced that whitish thick fluid that covers the dick when he is banging you, if his dick has never touched the deepest parts of the pussy where the G-spot is located, then you are yet to understand all the madness and craziness sex gives. Am not talking about squirting that’s a story for another day. Most twins are conceived from behind because the coochie be too crazy to catch all the sperm that enters into it. Don’t depart this life without experiencing the madness of the pussy and it is only doggy style that brings out that madness. Am talking to you ladies.
My colleague let’s not mention names here once told me how a Deeper life member surprised him. They met on Tinder and have been chatting well. After numerous persuasions, she agreed to visit him in his house on the condition that there will be no sex. On that day, she kept time and showed up. Inside his mind, he already knew that sex was inevitable that day. Ladies i have already told you before, guys are really calculative. He welcomed her in his house and demanded to give her a welcome hug. She agreed because it is just an innocent hug and there is no harm in it. Instead of hugging and letting her off, he was glued to her body for up to 10mins whispering words of gratitude to her ears. I personally like my space so this 10 minute hug for me doesn’t work. Don’t do that to me if you ever see me.. Lol! To his surprise, she just melted and relaxed in his embrace like someone that has been starved of hugging. From hugging, his hands started to stray at her back towards her ass, feeling her ass and the lines of her pant under the gown she was wearing. Noticing that she is cool with his every move, he now romanced her twins and she even held him very tight like someone under the pressure of orgasm. While rubbing her breast, he noticed she was already weak and gasping for breath. He quietly lay her on the bed, the kissing started and he used his hands to feel her coochie only to discover she was already wet and well soaked. She can wet for Africa. To his shock, she whispered ”Please can you do it from the back?”. Without responding, he quickly pulled out his already erected d*** from his boxers and answered her question with serious banging from behind. He had to rush to a supermarket to get her a set of pants because things happened while he was penetrating. He banged her with her pants on. I can’t remember the pant colour. He was telling me the story and I was already feeling horny and breathing heavily because I was imagining the scene on my mind. (Lol) I was so aroused and he noticed it. He said the kind of moans from this girl was out of this world. She was not moaning out any English words. She was moaning out _____ words because she is from _____. (Let’s not go there for reasons we all know) Because of the funny sounds of her moaning coupled with her funny face of ecstasy and when he remembered that she said there will be no sex, my workmate nearly busted out laughing but he suppressed the laughter. Since that day, the girl has been the one that always schedules to see him. It’s obvious she has been starved sexually because of her church life. (Not saying church girls are starved I myself am a church girl)
If you ever try it once, you will never want missionary style again. When you get it from behind it makes you to forget who you are, it is the only way the innermost, deepest and darkest part of your coochie can be accessed so that the Dick can hit your G-spot. Being screwed from behind makes the pussy foam, its the cause of nonsense and meaningless words, the moaning when fucked from behind is different from when laid from the front. If he hits you from behind, you will be moaning words that cannot be described. Your head will feel empty and your legs will just be shaking and in the midst of it all, you will be begging that he should not stop. When a woman is not wearing any pant and no cloth at all, if she bends down to pick something, you will clearly see her vagina from the back. Nature made it so, to teach humans that the pussy can be penetrated from behind. Also, it helps to push out the ass, making your waist smaller and more attractive. Thank me later mamacitas.
When you are unnecessarily angry, let him fuck you from behind, when quarreling with him, settle it from behind, when you had a stressful day, ease up from behind, when you feel depressed, all you need is just to be screwed from the back, when you are confused, doggy will clear your confusion,
Just make sure he gets you wet enough. Use at least 20mins to kiss him passionately, let him suck your breast so well and then suck your pussy deeply until your pearl rises. (Fore play is a lesson on its on). Then turn your back, face the wall and use your hand to guide his strong erected d*** into your wet coochie, let him bang you dry while you scream and moan away.
Don’t be left out! Be fucked from the back!


Miss Adah

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